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Lauren Land

Welcome To My World

20 October
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Currently, I'm 26 years old, I live in Denton, go to school at UNT where I'm majoring in Journalism and minoring in psychology. I withdrew from Fall 2005 to join a FEMA contract that departs 10/15 to Beaumont, Texas for 10 weeks. I was born in Dallas and raised in Rowlett which is a small town 30 minutes east of Dallas. I love God with all my heart, I love to sing. I used to sing in the band Johnny Ferrell, also used to lead praise and worship for Life Church in Rockwall. I wait tables/train/bartend/sing at Macaroni Grill, I have lots of friends that I love dearly. I'm single, havent made an attempt to date lately. I'm writing a book about girls who grew up without dads and where God fits into the picture. I freelance for an online christian magazine. While on my FEMA contract I'm creating journal entries for the magazine with the hopes of a book compilation.

Brief enough? Ha Ha!!

Dave Matthews Band is sweet love.